Things to Remember While Planning A Baby Shower

Baby showers are fun events filled with laughter and celebration. It’s a day where the expecting mother gets pampered and spoiled. That’s why nobody plans their own baby shower, it’s hard work! No pregnant mother needs the added stress of planning a baby shower too. That’s why you, as a friend or family member, have taken the burden upon yourself. There are a few things to keep in mind to prevent panic later on. Before all else, remember to buy a gift! Personalized nursery décor is a great option.

Firstly, consider cohosting with someone. Having another person to talk to and give tasks to will make the entire experience less stressful. Delegate tasks according to your respective schedules and work as a team. Working with someone will also increase the budget of the event.

It is important to set a budget. This is coming out of your pocket and you don’t want that pocket to be empty by the time all is said and done. Decide how much you can spend and plan around that amount. Try and get the other guests to contribute as well in order to add to the budget. If you’re having the event at a place that charges per person, ask guests to pay that amount in order to attend. Since you’ll still be footing most of the bill, they really can’t complain. Make sure that the place you’re having the shower at can accommodate everyone receiving their own bills. You’d be amazed how much money food can be alone.

If the party is at a house, this is a bit tougher. Instead of ordering and preparing all the food yourself, ask your guests to each bring a platter. This will save you a lot of money and you’ll have loads of food.